There are many different types of flooring that you can have in your home and one of the most beautiful and luxurious is hardwood flooring. These floors sometimes do need to be repaired, which is fairly easy for the right person or someone who is a handy man at home. There are many things that could cause you to need hardwood floor repair.

Cracks in the wood: After the floors are aged, small cracks often develop in the wood’s surface. You can repair these easily with a few angled nails and some wood putty so that all the blemishes can be hidden. If the cracks are not small; however, you may want to consider hiring someone to refinish the floor, or replace it completely if it is wider than refinishing will allow.

Plank Gaps: This is a very common problem and most commonly occurs naturally. As wood ages it naturally gets dry and shrinks and expands when it is moist. This results in seasonal changes in the flooring. Repairing this problem starts with patience because the weather changes and your floors will change due to weather changes. If the gap is no more than a dime’s width, your floors are fine, but if it is larger than that, you may want to call a professional who can repair them properly.

Buckling wood: This occurs when the panels warp. This kind of hardwood floor repair usually requires you to get help from a professional hardwood floor installer to find out what is causing the buckling problem. Once you know what is causing the buckling, you can get it repaired and make sure that it does not happen again.

Warped Flooring: Also known as sagging is one of the worst problems for your hardwood floors because it could be the result of water getting into the floors. This problem needs to be taken care of right away and then the moisture problems in the home need to be addressed as well.

Washboard floors: This happens when the edges of the planks are rising up and falling in the center. This is similar to warped floors as it is caused by moisture, usually the homes natural humidity. The way to solve this problem is to re-balance the humidity and have your hardwood repair professional re-sand it to get it perfect again.

Other problems with your hardwood flooring include loose planks, scratches, or color crayons and stains from every day wear. These problems can be fixed by having the floors sanded and re-finished so that they look as good as new.

In spite of the guarantees you see in the store about how many decades a hardwood floor should last, they seldom last anywhere near that long. There are so many ways in which it can become damaged that it is common for owners to begin repairing hardwood floor boards at some point during the first two decades.

It isn’t that hardwood floor repair becomes necessary after so few years because of a flaw in the wood itself. It is just that a floor is something you use regularly. You have people with all sorts of debris passing through the rooms. You have days when you decide to move the furniture. If you kept it cordoned off with ropes in an environmentally controlled room, you would never have to learn how to repair it.

Basic hardwood floor repair skills are necessary because it is not cost effective to replace a floor each time it gets dinged up in various places. When you are trying to fix scratches from a dog chasing your cat through the room or a divot from dropping the desk as you passed through the room, it just makes a lot more sense to do some basic repair. The repair begins when you go after each blemish on a case by case basis, finding the best repair method for each blemish. Here are a few ideas to throw into your mental hardwood repair kit:

-Floor Scratches – check your local hardware store for some color putty and instructions on how to apply it. Roughly, this process is just cleaning the hardwood floor and then applying a color putty stick to the damaged area.

-Deep Floor Scratches – these gouges in your floor will require wood filler matched to your hard floor color tones.

-Gaps Between Boards – your floor will naturally shift over time, particularly if you do not have a firm foundation under your house. Most minor gaps should be ignored, but when they become major you’ll need a special gap removal tool.

-Buckling Boards – this is the opposite of gaps. Your floor boards will buckle when they are pushed together, exist at high humidity, or receive severe water damage. As the floor boards have nowhere to go but up, dangerous tripping areas will be created. You need a heavy, complete flat weight to place on these buckling boards for a few days to make them even again.

Tackle each problem on a case by case basis and you’ll be able to restore your hardwood floor without spending all that much money.

It is likely that if an individual has a wood floor that is damaged and needs restoring, they may be under the illusion that either it is past redemption or that the repairs required would end in a less-than-satisfactory finish. It is important that people are educated in relation to the true capabilities of wood floor repairs and the incredible results that can be achieved.

There are a number of reasons as to why a wood floor may require a repair. This includes the fact that a worn, old wooden floor may have been revealed after lifting an existing floor, damage may have been caused from extreme temperature fluctuations or if a heavy item has been dropped onto the wood boards. It is also even possible to repair wooden flooring that has been burnt after coming into contact with an extremely hot object.

This list shows the true extent to which wood repairs can transform a floor sanding project. This also extends to the fact that wood repairs offer value for money as it can often avoid full replacement and the repairs can often be almost invisible. It is likely that accidents will happen and to avoid this would be nearly impossible in any busy environment.

It is clearly documented the techniques and product formulations to compliment this service have taken strides ahead in their development. This allows experts and professionals to apply their experienced knowledge to achieve the best possible finish. There are, of course, limitations to what is possible, however these should always be discussed prior to work commencing.

Alternative approaches and options are always available and specialists will be able to forecast the anticipated level of success. This should always be discussed with clients in order to manage their expectations and ensure that they fall in line with their requirements.

Repairs can be completed on a wide range of wood including parquet flooring, solid wood flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring and more. The key to success is attention to detail and the knowledge base required to complete the intricate repair faultlessly.

Whilst all of the above information is well-documented online, it is likely that individuals are not yet well enough educated in this secret service. Furthermore they will be in the dark about the cost effectiveness of wood floor restoration and repair provisions.

The above detail works to fully educate individuals so that they can make an informed decision when approaching a floor sanding and restoration project for their home or business. Invest time in identifying a local professional that will discuss your options with you and will support you through the process to ensure the best possible result is achieved.