Hardwood Floor Repair

Even the most expensive hardwood floors can have problems and this is the reason why it is important for anyone with hardwood floors or even those planning to install floors learn the basics of hardwood floor repair. Woods are prone to damages such as scratches and dings and these problems can range from minor to major which unfortunately can damage the main structure. You can always seek out an expert to do the repair but before you do that, you should know that DIY hardwood floor repair is possible.

When you considered installing wood floors, you must have been informed that one common problem in a floor surface is the scratches, which obviously are very hard to avoid because this is a natural wear and tear that occurs on every wood. If the floor scratches are unapparent, urethane touch-up kits or color sticks available at local and online retailer stores can be used. However, if the scratches on the floor are deep, you may need to replace the damaged boards.

Another common problem is the squeak which is caused by the buckled hardwood that occurs when the boards rise up from the subfloor because of humidity levels. Hardwood floor repair should be done right away to avoid tripping hazard and larger damage. This can be done by fixing a screw into the hardwood flooring and subflooring to pull down the buckled portion of the wood floor. You can also use cement block to deal with this problem.

Separation of gaps or hardwood plank gaps ate naturally caused by dryness or by climate. Woods will either expand or shrink when dry or wet. This is a seasonal problem; thus the floor is fine when the weather is just humid. You just have to be patient to wait for the floor to return to its normal shape. As long as the separation of gaps is not that large, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Loose wood planks can be fixed by using a hammer and nail set. However, deeper problems can arise from greatly loose boards and this problem can be solved by replacing the damaged strips on the floor.

Split or broken woods may also be repaired through special angled nails and hammer. You may also need to replace larger splits.

Of all the hardwood problems, the most devastating is the stained floors, since stains can easily mess up the beauty and elegance of even the most exotic hardwood floors. You may have to consider refinishing hardwood floor as the only way to solve this stain problem.

Another problem that may need repair is the cupping or washboarding hardwood, which is characterized by strips on the wood. The strips are usually high on the edges but are much lower in the center. This problem can be caused by the moisture imbalance where more water stagnates underneath the wood than on the top. This problem can be solved by stabilizing the humidity level of the wood surface then sanding out and refinishing the hardwood.