Hardwood Floor Repair for Old Houses

Hardwood floor repair is a must for old homes that need to keep the quality of their flooring. Many old houses have beautiful floors that speak of quality of a bygone era. Fixing them should be done by a professional due to their expensive nature.

Gaps are a common problem with these kinds of flooring. In many cases, the planks have nothing gin between them which means that gaps are more pronounced and easier to spot. In some cases, the gaps are filled in with a substance that hardens over time. This substance can actually look like the actual wood but eventually cracks and dries up. When this happens the gaps are more pronounced. The reality of it is that it is better to have a professional tighten the planks to provide a better looking home. Hardwood floor repair in this level is basically to take apart the flooring and rearrange it to a point that the gaps kept to a minimal or appear as they would normally do.

Gaps are common in these kinds of floors. In fact, this material is usually attached with gaps that are about less of a centimeter thick. This is done so that when the seasons change, there is enough space for the flexing of the boards or planks. It is customary for wood to expand when it is the wet or cold season and for them to shrink a bit during the dry season. Homeowners should observe the space between each plank in order to assess if the space is normal and necessary or if the intervention of a professional is required.

Cracks and Splits
These are also common among wood that have not been kiln dried well. There are times that older wooden flooring split due to the dryness that happens due to age. Hardwood floor repair for these problems is either to use special nails, called angled nails, anchor the split in such a way that the pieces are sort of melded together and the split is not so noticeable. Cracks can also be repaired this way and putty can be used to cover up the crack and gloss over it. In case, the split or crack is particularly large and not as easy to cover up, replacing the plank may be the best option.

Scratches on the wooden flooring may also need the services of a hardwood floor repair specialist if the scratches are obvious or big enough that they attract attention. These can detract from the natural beauty of the floors and highlight other problems. The kind of repair needed is dependent on the depth of the scratches. Lighter ones may just need to have their finishing retouched since the scratches might not actually reach the wooden surface and just be up to the finishing only. Light scratches need light sanding to get rid of the scratches on the finishing. Reapplication of the finishing may be necessary. Deeper scratches will also need sanding with a fine paper. When the scratch has been finished out, mineral spirits should be rubbed in and wood filler can be used to fill in the deep scratch. Sand the area again to smoothen it out and then reapply varnish or whatever finishing is used.